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TomTom was founded in 1991, and they released their first navigation device in 2004. Their headquarters are situated in Amsterdam. CorrinneVigreux, Pieter Geelen, and Peter France together founded a business named Palmtop software which later in 2001 changed to TomTom. Harold Goddijn is also a name associated with TomTom. Mr. Harold Goddijin is the husband of Mrs. Corrinne Vigreux, who joined TomTom, which was Palmtop Software till then. TomTom Navigation system became the fastest-selling GPS software with features like an Application programming interface, maps for driving, traffic data, etc.tomtom support

Tomtom GPS pricing makes it one of the most popular devices. In this article, we will try to provide you with a guide on downloading, operating, updating, and issues faced while using TomTom nav systems. TomTom updates are necessary to get new locations and route changes. Although this guide covers it all, if you still need some kind of assistance, you can call on the number given. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider where executives will assist you with expert consultation.

How to Download TomTom >> TomTom Download Help

TomTom is a fantastic device for navigation. Here are the steps are given to download TomTom:

  1. Typedownload TomTom or TomTom home download in the search bar
  2. You will reach TomTom home download page
  3. Now, click on the red download button
  4. Download will start
  5. Choose the location for the setup
  6. Click on ‘Ok’
  7. Choose language
  8. Run the setup by tapping on Run
  9. Now click on ok and finish
  10. TomTom downloadwill be achieved.

How to Set up the TomTom Navigation System?

  • Make sure you have a proper internet connection
  • Go to from the browser
  • Select your location/ country
  • Tap on ‘Get Started.’
  • Now, click on download TomTom
  • Install the My TomTom application that has been downloaded. Then, follow the instructions popping on the screen and answer the questions.
  • Use the USB cable to connect the device to the computer.tom tom navagation system
  • Switch the TomTom device on and begin navigation.

How to Install TomTom Navigation System?

If you wonder how do I update my TomTom maps for free, this section is for you. TomTom GPS pricing is set at affordable levels to ensure better sales. Items that you will get in the TomTom Nav systems- TomTom integrated mount, USB cable, USB car charger, and installation poster. To set up my TomTom on your computer, follow the steps:

  1. Clean the windshield area to place the TomTom GPS device and suction cup; it should not be wet or moist
  2. Choose a flat area in the windshield and press the suction cup firmly
  3. Lock the Rubber grip, which is below the mount, by turning it clockwise
  4. Put it to power via the USB charger in the car charger mount and others on the TomTom device.
  5. The TomTom maps update is now installed.
  6. Now, answer some questions
  7. While placing the device, make sure it does not interfere with the view.

How do I Update my TomTom maps for free >> TomTom GPS Update Help

TomTom One updating is required to revise the services of TomTom. You will get instant reminders to revive your services and to keep track of the shifts in the road network. Update TomTom GPS by following the steps below-tomtom gps update

  • Install TomTom MyDrive Connect to the device
  • Connect the TomTom device to the computer by USB cable.
  • TomTom MyDrive Connect will start running.
  • A fresh screen will appear.
  • Login with your id.
  • Now, the TomTom GPS update can be done from here.

All about TomTom One Updating Steps

Do you want TomTom n14644 updates? It’s a popular device for travelers and drivers. Updating the TomTom n14644 is a walk in the park. With its advanced features, you can even store maps of different countries or places like Australia, the U.S.A, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, etc. In addition, TomTom One updates ensure that new routes are added to the device. So, if you want to update your TomTom One N14644 Map for free, look at these steps:tomtom one updating

  • Login to TomTom’s home screen
  • Create a username and choose a password
    1. Or just log in if not using it for the first time
  • Tap on update my device
  • A list will appear to click on the new map
  • Select update maps
  • Install the maps
  • Updates will start to download
  • Click on finish after the download is executed
  • Wait for it to install
  • The blue eject button is to be selected from the bottom
  • TomTom n14644 updates will be installed

How to switch on/off the TomTom GPS device

Long press it to switch it on; once it is on, press it for 15 seconds to switch off the device

TomTom Official Numbers

If you are searching for help regarding the TomTom map update, you can always refer to this article. But if you are still stuck somewhere, you can call TomTom’s official number and get an expert’s assistance. The TomTom support team experts will help you resolve your query. You can contact TomTom via these sources:tomtom map update

TomTom email help:
TomTom Telephone help 866 486 6866

How to Operate the TomTom navigator? >> TomTom Maps help

After setting up your TomTom Navigator, now you need to learn how to operate it. Although the process is relatively easy, if you are still stuck somewhere, the steps given below will guide you to the method of using TomTom maps

Click on the main menu:

  • Tap on Navigate to
  • Select address
  • Select flag for a particular country
  • Select city and postcode
  • Street name and house number
  • Your destination is selected

Now, if you want to change the destination:

  • Select change route
  • Tap on change route
  • And repeat the above process
  • The new destination can be selected in this way with the TomTom GPS update

You will be guided by the directions on the screen and voice directions. TomTom software provides you with a brief overview of distance and approximate time, which may vary according to the traffic.

Why Download TomTom maps >> TomTom Navigation System Features

Let us have a look at the features of the TomTom Navigation system-download tomtom

  • You can choose route setting according to your priority-
  • Eco route settings for a fuel-efficient journey
  • Walking root to provide information on the walking journey
  • Fastest route to ensure minimum time taken or to get the idea of the traffic
  • Shortest route settings for the shortest distance within a city or a town
  • Bicycle route, as the name suggests, for Bicycle journey
  • Avoid motorways settings to avoid motorways

Frequent destinations can be saved in the TomTom GPS device for quick navigation.

  • Just by selecting settings — startup
  • Choose ‘Ask for destination.’
  • Answer some questions regarding destinations
  • Click on ‘Show my frequent trips.’
  • Enter the name of the destination for future reference
  • Tap on done
  • Enter the address as you did earlier and click on done
  • For more destinations to be selected, repeat the above process

Problems faced while using TomTom Nav systems >> TomTom Maps Update and Operating Issue

It is usually seen that TomTom map updates are released 4 times. If your TomTom GPS device is not working, check for these solutions:tomtom nav systems

  • The battery might not be charged- Check the device’s battery, and charge it for two hours while keeping it off.
  • No GPS signal: Firstly, if your TomTom GPS device is not getting signals, try to update the maps with the steps for the TomTom GPS update provided above in the article. TomTom map updates are required to host a number of improved features.
    1. If there is any obstruction in the view of GPS, remove the obstruction or move somewhere else.
    2. Compatibility with the device: The device must be connected to a compatible mobile or computer.
    3. Reset your device: Press and hold the TomTom GPS device for fifteen seconds, and it will turn off again; long-press it to restart the device.

 3) Sometimes, you might not be able to sync your destinations from TomTom MyDrive connect; follow the steps in such case-

  1. a) Install MyDrive Connect or Check whether it is installed
  2. b) Connect the TomTom device to your computer via USB cable
  3. c) Connected to your computer Message will flash on your computer
  4. d) Select MyDrive from TomTom services in the main menu from your TomTom device
  5. e) Sign in to your account or sign up in case of a new account

By following these steps, your destination will be synchronized. Here we have tried to guide you through the problems facing while using TomTom Navigation Device. Although we have tried to find a solution to your issues faced, but if you need some more assistance, then you can call on the number flashing; you will be connected to an independent third party, and their executives will guide you further for any problem faced while using this device.tomtom update

TomTom Support from Us

TomTom users might face some issues while TomTom updates are on or while using the device. Consumers should have insights into the product they have purchased. TomTom maps have been the people’s first choice for GPS for several years. This guide clears all your doubts about the TomTom navigator. However, if extra support is needed, you can place a call on the contact number available here. You will be connected to an independent third-party TomTom help, where executives will help you in resolving all your TomTom software-related queries.