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linksys supportLinksys is known to be one of the largest American-based providers of hardware products related to data networking. It offers a range of products, including audio-video systems, network storage, wireless video cameras, Ethernet switches, VoIP equipment, and wireless routers. It is for this reason Linksys router setup is always in heavy demand. In 1988, the company was established by a Taiwanese immigrant couple by the name of Victor Tsao and Janie Tsao. If you do not know how to setup a Linksys router, we will assist you. Cisco acquired Linksys in 2003, and thus, its products came to be known as Linksys by Cisco. However, you must know that the company was acquired by Belkin in 2013. In addition, you can find Linksys products everywhere, from electronic stores and supermarkets to Internet retailers. Even though its products are known to be reliable, you may require Linksys support. Thus, this guide can be used to tackle all your issues related to the router. The troubleshooting steps have been designed in such a way that anyone can follow them easily.

How to Setup Linksys Router using Cable Internet Service >> Linksys Router Setup Help

You have the option to set up Linksys router with the help of the cable internet service via manual configuration or the installation guide. However, users tend to lose or misplace the installation CD. In such a case, Linksys router setup is possible through the manual configuration. If you do not know how to setup Linksys router, make sure to use the following steps:linksys router setup

  1. Connect the modem with the Linksys router via an Ethernet cable.
  2. Turn on the router by plugging in the router to the power source.
  3. Turn on the computer/laptop
  4. Open any internet browser
  5. Input the router’s default IP address, which is
  6. On the Linksys Router Login window, input the user ID as well as the password
  7. Hit OK and move to MAC Address Clone
  8. Choose the option of Clone My PC’s MAC
  9. Hit Save Settings
  10. After turning on the MAC Address Clone, you will have an active Internet status
  11. Go to the Status tab
  12. Ensure that the Internet IP address is correct.

How to Setup a Linksys router using Smart Setup Wizard >> Linksys Wireless Routers Setup

Users can take the help of the Linksys smart WiFi setup to establish their routers. The Smart Setup Wizard makes the process easier via a web browser. In addition, you must know that this wizard is included in the firmware. Thus, you can use it even without a network connection. Linksys wireless routers setup helps users in setting up a Linksys wireless router. The following guide offers steps for how to setup a Linksys router using the Linksys smart WiFi setup:linksys wireless routers setup

  1. Connect the external antennas to your router.
  2. Then, connect the router to the power. Also, ensure that the power switch (if available) is turned ON.
  3. You are required to connect the Ethernet cable with the jack labeled ‘Internet’ on the Linksys router and the Ethernet jack of your modem.
  4. Connect to a WiFi network
    • Use the WiFi credentials given in the Quick Start Guide or at the bottom of your router.
  5. Open any Internet browser and then visit
    • Another option is to use the router’s default IP address, which is
    • You can also input myrouter.local in the address bar of the web browser
  6. Accept the service terms and hit Next.
  7. In the next window, choose to select automatic updates and then hit Next.
  8. Input the new WiFi name along with the WiFi password and then hit Next.
  9. Connect to the new WiFi and then hit Next
  10. In the Create a router password field, input the router password and then hit Next.
  11. You will see a message, ‘Your router is set up!’

From the steps mentioned above, you can understand the process to set up Linksys router. The benefit of the smart setup wizard is that there is no need for any additional software or a setup CD.

How to Login to Linksys Router >> Configuring Linksys Routers

You must know how to login to Linksys router as it is important for configuring advanced settings. In case you have a wireless device for accessing the web interface, ensure connection to the Linksys router’s WiFi. In addition, the router is turned ON. If you do not know how to access Linksys router, use the following steps:

  1. Open any Internet browser and input
  2. Input login details in the provided fields
    • admin is the default password
  3. Input the login details
    • You will have to input the login credentials for visiting Linksys setup pages. It includes your username along with the password.
    • You can also use default login credentials to open Linksys setup pages. These credentials are found on the side or bottom panel or the label of the device.
  4. Linksys router setup page will appear.
    • It is the control panel for configuring Linksys routers.

configure linksys routersHow to Configure Linksys Routers >> Linksys Routers Configuration Help

You must know how to configure Linksys routers to set up its wireless security settings. It is important to ensure that the wireless network is protected against unauthorized access. You must use a Linksys WiFi Router or Linksys Smart WiFi router to use this guide. Before starting, ensure that the computer has a direct connection to the router with the help of an Ethernet cable. This guide will show how to config Linksys router for wireless security settings. For this purpose, follow the steps as per the Linksys routers configuration help:

  1. Open a web browser to input the IP address of the router
    • One of the default addresses is
  2. In the password field, input admin and leave the field of username empty.
    • If you have modified login credentials, use the customized details.
  3. Hit OK
  4. In the case of Linksys Smart WiFi routers, go to the Wireless tab
    • Choose Wireless Settings
    • In the section of Configuration View, hit Manual
    • Choose relevant options for different wireless security settings: Security Mode, Passphrase, or SSID Broadcast
    • Hit Save Settings
  5. Linksys router configuring is different for Linksys WiFi routers
    • After step 3, go to the Wireless tab
    • Choose Wireless Security
    • Choose the desired Security Mode and input a suitable passphrase
    • Hit Save Settings

Official Linksys Support Numbers

We have offerd all the contact details to ease the search for official Linksys routers support numbers. You can use any Linksys routers support options to contact the professionals. Nevertheless, the Linksys customer support numbers result from the Internet resources. If the OEMs or the manufacturer changes these Linksys contact options, we are not accountable for this if you cannot use these contacts. We suggest checking these Linksys tech support numbers mentioned here before using them.linksys routers support

Linksys Router Support Number UK 02 030 274 625
Linksys Router Tech Support Number (949) 270-8500
Linksys Technical Support Number Canada (877) 855-6899
Linksys Technical Support Number USA 800-326-7114
Linksys Live Chat Support Linksys Official Chat Support

How to Connect Linksys WiFi router without a CD

It is one of the most common questions asked by Linksys users. This guide will offer a proper solution to fix it. Setting up a Linksys router has been considered the best method to assist users in their difficulties. Following are the steps:linksys wifi router

  1. Users have to input the model number in the search field
  2. Hit Ok
  3. Choose Download/Firmware
  4. Choose the Hardware version
  5. Hit the Download option
  6. Choose the location on the system for saving the file
  7. Hit the Next option.
  8. Accept the license terms after reading the terms and conditions.
  9. A unique router name (SSID) along with the password will be created. You have to change the details from the wireless network to this SSID and password.
  10. Hit Done
  11. After the Internet connection type is identified, click Next.
  12. Hit Ok as you get connected to the internet.

All about Resetting Linksys Router >> Linksys Routers Reset Help

This section will offer you details about resetting Linksys router, which will reset it to default settings and change its password. If you are not able to access the Linksys router setup page, you need this Linksys routers reset help. To revert to factory settings, press the Reset button on the router for ten seconds. This is also going to reset the password of the router. The default passwresetting linksys routerord of your router is known to be admin. The username field can be left blank.

If you do not know how to reset Linksys router via the web-based setup page, use the following guide:

  • Go to the Internet-based setup page of the router
  • Go to the Administration tab
  • Choose Factory Defaults
  • Go to the section of Factory Defaults
  • Hit Restore Factory Defaults

How to Update Linksys router >> Linksys Firmware Update Help

Users must know how to update Linksys router as it offers functionality improvements along with bug fixes. Linksys firmware updates are important because it fixes several issues that they can encounter while using the router. Feature enhancements can be downloaded from the Linksys Support Site. The router can get updates both manually and automatically. This article will help you manually update the firmware. Before getting Linksys router updates, ensure that:

  • Wired computer in order to get stable connectivity. You are not suggested to update the router’s firmware through WiFi as permanent damage can be caused.
  • Browser is working correctly. If not, try moving to another browser.
  • Correct firmware is downloaded.
  • Backup configuration is created.

Go to the Linksys Support Site and download the firmware. To perform the Linksys router firmware update, use the following steps:

  • Open an Internet browser and input 168.1.1
  • Input the login details
    • admin is the default password.
  • Go to Administration
  • Then, move to Firmware Upgrade
  • Hit Browse or Choose File
  • Upload the downloaded file
  • Hit Start Upgrade
  • Hit Continue
  • Restart the router, and your Linksys router update is complete.

All about Resetting Linksys Extender >> Linksys Router Extender Help

Resetting Linksys Extender is going to revert it to factory default settings. If you face the following challenges, reset the Linksys router extender.linksys router extender

  • Intermittent connections
  • Cannot use the setup software
  • Cannot access the Linksys web-based setup page
  • No blinking or solid light

You are suggested to back up the configuration settings before resetting the extender. Press the Reset button on the extender for eight seconds. To complete the procedure, powercycle your device. You can also reset the Linksys router extender with the help of the web-based setup page. Use the following steps:

  • Open an Internet browser to visit the web-based setup page
  • Go to Administration
  • Choose Factory Defaults
  • Hit Restore Factory Defaults
  • Remove the extender from power and restart it after thirty seconds.

Resolving Linksys Router Not Working Issue >> Linksys Router Troubleshooting

Linksys routers have been reliable for a long time. They are known for router’s durability and product quality. However, they can also face glitches from time to time. Following are the reasons for the issue of Linksys router not working:

  • No internet connectivity
  • Overheating/misplaced Linksys WiFi Router
  • Outdated/corrupted Linksys router firmware
  • Wrong Linksys router configuration
  • Antivirus software or firewall

Use the following Linksys routers troubleshooting steps to fix the issue:

    • Reboot the router: Remove the router from the power source
      • Unplug all the cables
      • Connect them again and ensure proper connection
    • Renew the IP addresses: Try to connect to the admin page of the router for renewing the connection to the modem.
      • Turn off the modem, router, and computers.
      • After a minute, switch on the ISP modem.
      • Switch on the router
      • After a minute, turn on the computers.
    • Clone MAC: On the computer, go to Setup and then MAC Address Clone
      • Sign in to the browser-based utility
      • Hit Setup
      • Hit MAC Address Clone page
      • Hit Enabled
      • Hit Clone My PC’s MAC
        • Another option is to input the 12-digit MAC address of the old router.
      • Hit Save Settings

linksys router troubleshooting

  • Reset Linksys: Reset the router to the default settings by pressing the Reset button for thirty seconds.

Resolving Wireless Connectivity Issues >> Linksys Routers Troubleshooting

There exist multiple reasons that can lead to poor signal or connection. Following are certain causes and their fixes:

  • An inconsistent wireless connection can be because of the router setup at user’s place. The suitable placement of the router is critical to getting decent signals.
  • For avoiding a weak wireless connection, users have to put the router in an open and strategic area. It is important because devices use radio waves for the purposes of communication.
  • Check and relocate the device if it is kept within the 18-inch radius of the Linksys router. We call this area a wireless dead zone.
  • Ensure that the router and the wireless device are kept at a distance of 3 meters. It is the most suitable region for the best signal strength.
  • An unreliable wireless connection can be because of your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • You can check if there is any connection issue with the ISP by using an Ethernet cable for directly connecting the computer to your modem. Check the connection for some time.
  • The speed as well as strength of the wireless signal are reliant on the wireless security mode. It is recommended that you employ WPA2 Personal.
  • An unreliable wireless connection can be because of an outdated router’s firmware.
  • Disable the UPnP feature of the router.
  • Change the wireless channel of the router.
  • Change the MTU size of the router.

Linksys Support from Us

linksys customer support

Linksys products are known for being easy to use and reliable. You will not face any challenges while operating them. However, if you have any doubts or face any problems, feel free to contact the number presented on this web page. It will connect you to an independent third-party Linksys support executive who can easily help you operate your device.