Unleashing the power of smart home technology has transformed how we interact with our living surroundings. Among the myriad of innovations, the Ring Doorbell has stood out as a game-changer, offering convenience, security, and peace of mind. However, amid seamless connectivity and effortless communication, users sometimes encounter unexpected challenges. In this blog post, we delve into a common frustration: the perplexing issue of a Ring Doorbell not connecting to internet. As we explore the possible causes and solutions, we shed light on troubleshooting steps that can help you restore the smooth connection that enhances the functionality of this cutting-edge device.Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi

Why Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect To Wifi:

Facing connectivity issues with a Ring Doorbell and its inability to connect to a WiFi network can be a frustrating experience for users. There could be several reasons behind the Ring Doorbell connection issue, ranging from technical glitches to environmental factors. Understanding these probable causes helps shed light on the difficulties encountered while attempting to build a stable WiFi Ring Doorbell connection.

  • Network Configuration: Sometimes, the complexity of network configurations can hinder the proper connection of devices, causing Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi. Different router settings, security protocols, and network frequency bands might pose compatibility issues for the Ring Doorbell, making it difficult to establish a seamless connection.
  • Signal Strength and Range: The distance between the Ring Doorbell and the WiFi router can influence the strength and stability of the connection. If the doorbell is too far away from the router, it might struggle to maintain a consistent WiFi signal, leading to the problem of Ring Doorbell keeps disconnecting from wifi.
  • Interference: Interference from other electronic devices or neighboring WiFi networks operating on the same frequency can disrupt the Ring Doorbell’s connection. This interference might result in sporadic disconnections and hinder the device’s ability to maintain a steady WiFi link, causing Ring Doorbell disconnecting from wifi.
  • Hardware or Firmware Issues: Hardware defects or outdated firmware can contribute to Ring Doorbell connection issues. Faulty hardware components within the Ring Doorbell or outdated software might prevent it from establishing a reliable WiFi connection, causing Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi.
  • Environmental Factors: Environmental conditions such as weather, physical obstacles, and even the material of the walls can impact WiFi signal strength. Rain, extreme temperatures, and thick walls can attenuate the signal, leading to difficulties in establishing and maintaining a connection, leading to Ring Doorbell disconnecting from wifi.Ring Doorbell connection
  • Network Overload: A network overloaded with too many connected devices can strain its resources and potentially affect the Ring Doorbell’s connection stability. The limited bandwidth might lead to intermittent disconnections or slow response times, resulting in Ring Doorbell keeps disconnecting from wifi.
  • Authentication and Security: If there are issues with authentication protocols or security settings on the WiFi network, the Ring Doorbell might face challenges in establishing a secure connection. This could lead to Ring Doorbell disconnects from wifi, repeated connection attempts, or eventual disconnection.
  • Software Bugs: Software bugs in the Ring Doorbell’s firmware can lead to Ring Doorbell connection issues. These bugs might cause unexpected behavior when attempting to connect to WiFi networks, resulting in frequent disconnections.
  • Power Supply: Insufficient power supply to the Ring Doorbell can impact its ability to maintain a consistent connection. If the doorbell’s battery is low or its power source is unstable, it might cause Ring Doorbell disconnects from wifi.
  • Network Changes: Changes made to the WiFi network settings or router configuration might cause Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi issues. Network updates or adjustments can inadvertently disrupt the connection process.

The inability of a Ring Doorbell to connect to a WiFi network can be ascribed to several circumstances, including network configuration complexity, signal strength issues, environmental conditions, hardware or firmware issues, and others. Troubleshooting and resolving Ring Doorbell connection issues require careful diagnosis and an understanding of the specific circumstances surrounding the connectivity challenge.

How To Connect Ring Doorbell To Wifi:

If you’re facing issues with your Ring Doorbell not connecting to WiFi, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the problem. Here’s a guide on how to connect Ring Doorbell to wifi:

  • Check Network Connection: If your Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi, Connecting other devices to your WiFi network will ensure that it is operational. If other devices can connect without any problems, the issue might be specific to the Ring Doorbell.
  • Restart the Doorbell: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve Ring Doorbell connection issues. To connect Ring Doorbell to wifi, By unplugging the Ring Doorbell from its power source, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging it back in, you can power cycle it.
  • Check WiFi Signal Strength: To reconnect Ring Doorbell to wifi, make sure that the Ring Doorbell is within a reasonable range of your WiFi router. A weak WiFi signal can cause Ring Doorbell connection problems. If the signal is weak, consider moving the router closer to the doorbell or using WiFi extenders.
  • Reduce Interference: If there are other electronic devices or neighboring WiFi networks operating on the same frequency, they might be causing interference. Try changing your WiFi channel to reduce interference.
  • Reset Network Settings: Sometimes, the WiFi settings on the Ring Doorbell might need to be reset. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset the network settings on the device.connect Ring Doorbell to wifi
  • Check Router Settings: If your Ring Doorbell disconnects from wifi, ensure that your router is not blocking the Ring Doorbell’s connection. Check for any MAC address filtering or other security settings that might be preventing the doorbell from connecting.
  • Update Firmware: Check if there’s a firmware update available for your Ring Doorbell. Outdated firmware can lead to connectivity issues. If an update is available, follow the instructions to update the firmware.
  • Check Power Source: If your Ring Doorbell is powered by a battery, make sure the battery is adequately charged. If it’s hardwired, check the wiring to ensure there’s no damage or loose connections.
  • Restart Router: To reconnect Ring Doorbell to wifi, restart your WiFi router to refresh the network. Sometimes, routers can encounter temporary issues that affect device connections.
  • Factory Reset: You can conduct a factory reset on the Ring Doorbell as a last option. This will reset all settings to default, so make sure to have any necessary setup information on hand before doing this.

Remember that each situation might be unique, and not all troubleshooting steps will apply to every situation. It’s important to approach the troubleshooting process systematically, and if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with any steps, seeking assistance from the manufacturer’s support team can be beneficial.


In the world of smart homes, the Ring Doorbell has made our lives easier and safer. But sometimes, it can have trouble connecting to the internet. Figuring out why this happens and fixing it can be a bit tricky. We explored reasons like weak signals, technical glitches, and other devices causing problems. By trying different solutions like restarting, updating, and checking settings, we can usually get the doorbell back online. Remember, even though it can be frustrating, solving this issue means enjoying the benefits of a helpful device in our homes. To know more about Ring Doorbell and resolve its related issues, please visit our Ring Doorbell Support page.

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